About Me - photographybytito

Hi and welcome to my page.

My name is Tito and I am an amateur photographer. 

   Pictured next to me is my wife Rachael and she is my go-to person 

when I want someone to critique my work.  

I am a self-taught photographer, who started taking photos as a hobby

about 6 years ago.

My profession is a Project Manager/Estimator for 

a commercial window covering company in San Francisco, CA. 

Photography has become my favorite pastime

and I love taking pictures of the wonderful coastal sunsets in our area.

My goal is to learn more every day 

and to continue to capture great moments

and create lasting memories for our family.   

I want to thank my wife, who allows me to

disappear for hours as I go out to take photos. 

I hope you enjoy my pictures and thank you 

for stopping by.